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Revolver Ammunition
Ammunition Blanks

Blank Ammunition

PPU manufactures many calibers of brass cased blank cartridges. Most are of the “full cased” type that is, they have an extended case shaped similar to a loaded round. This provides reliable functioning in all types of weapons. Please note however, that a correct blank firing adapter must be used on the gun to insure semi or full automatic operation.

Caliber Load
30-06 Blank M1999 PP3.5
303 British Blank PP3.7
5.56 Blank M200 PP5.1
7.62x39 Blank M68 PP7.31
7.62X5R Blank PP7.6
7.9x57 Blank PP7.9
Rifle Cases
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Prvi Partizan produces wide range of sporting ammunition intended for use in pistol and revolvers in many different calibers.